Introducing Ryan Murray, Senior Cultivation Advisor

Yield-x Labs Inc is proud to introduce Ryan Murray as our Senior Cultivation Advisor.

Ryan has a long history in the cannabis industry. He has 7 Cannabis Cup awards (see the home page!) and has designed and built one of the premier cannabis production facilities in Canada. He was one of the early testers of endomyx, and his initial comment was telling:

‘Gentlemen, I am wonderstruck. In 20¬†years of growing, I have never seen plants respond to any product in this way.’

The performance of the product drove Ryan to be a part of the Yield-x team.

As a grower, Ryan was offered numerous products to test, but in many cases, the story was better than the results.

“There’s a lot of snake oil out there. This is not a snake oil product.”

Ryan will be consulting with growers to share his experience and show them how to get the maximum benefit from using endomyx.

You can reach Ryan directly by email at


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