The Application

A series of 3-4 applications are all that’s required; at the beginning of the plant’s life after four sets of new leaves appear on the clone, a second application 25 days later, and subsequent applications every 25 days, depending on the length of the growth cycle. Unlike other fertilizers, preparation is simple, add the activator to the concentrate and add water. One litre of endomyx provides coverage for approximately 100 plants for the full growth cycle.

Applying endomyx is an easy process, but must be done with great care to ensure effectiveness. A simple two-step application is all that’s required, a combination of a substrate and foliar spray. No safety equipment is required when applying endomyx. If any solution comes in contact with the skin, rub it in; it’s good for you, too!

Application is best done with an electric sprayer for a consistent delivery. Test in advance for timing of the spray to achieve the desired amount applied.

How to apply 

How to apply pre-mixed sample kit

endomyx is Health Canada compliant (HC file #2018-6398).