The Science

endomyx is a breakthrough in plant management. Other products such as fertilizers and microbes focus on feeding the plant, not making the plant naturally stronger. Up to 70% of fertilizers either remain in the soil or are lost in drainage and are therefore unavailable to the plant. endomyx creates the conditions that make the plant become more capable of absorbing nutrients, as opposed to having nutrients forced upon it, most of which is washed away.

endomyx activates the plant’s own ability to protect itself from environmental abiotic and biotic threats through microorganisms that reside in the tissues of living plants (endophtyes). The symbiotic organisms allow the plant to absorb optimum amounts of nutrients from a wide variety of mediums plus increased photon energy from extra wavebands of light energy. The host plant in turn supplies the symbiotic endophytes essential nutrients they require. This strengthens the relationship between the host plant and friendly resident endophytes.

All environmental threats have a program in the plants genetic code. There is a tripartite method of plant host and resident organisms threat protection process. These tripartite agreements -between host plant, its specific resident fungi and bacteriums – creates a stable and healthy “home” for the agreeable organisms. This is starting to be revealed more and more in numerous research studies.