Boosting the Cannabis Plant’s Natural Defense Mechanisms to Enhance Productivity, Growth and Yield

Nature intended for plants to be grown outdoors, in the sun. Over time, the greenhouse environment has weakened the cannabis plant’s natural ability to protect itself. Some microorganisms that live within the plant have shut down, triggering an internal reaction that stresses the plant, reducing the plant’s production and self-protection ability. While the plant fights for balance, it does so at the expense of nutrient absorption, natural defense and growth.

endomyx changes that.

The Results

Our recent tests conducted by an Award Winning Cannabis Grower* have shown:

      • More Productive Footprint
        With endomyx, the plant grows differently, reaching higher for the sources of light and capturing photons that are usually not received. The footprint per plant is smaller, allowing for more plants in the same space. A 20% increase in the number of plants is not uncommon.
      • Increased Plant Yield
        Not only are buds bigger, there are more of them. Areas lower down on the plant that are usually not utilized produce buds where buds were not seen before. This has lead to a 25% increase in yield.
      • Faster Growth
        Clones taken from treated plants produce roots 3 days faster than regular clones. And treated plants are show a need to be harvested earlier.
      • Increased THC
        Test results from side-by-side comparisons showed an increase in THC. (We are happy to send you the results.)


    • Just the productivity improvement and yield increase have resulted in incremental yield increases of up to 50%, but we know that can be improved upon. Add in the shortened timeframes, and you’ll be able to make more efficient use of your space for additional crops over time.The reason for these dramatic results is because endomyx boosts the plant’s natural ability to strengthen itself, which allows for greater nutrient uptake. Increased feedings are common, as the stronger plant seeks out additional food, which makes it grow bigger, stronger and faster. It also allows the plant to make more efficient use of fertilizers – as soils are flushed, there is less fertilizer being carried out with the water.
      Plants in corners have been treated, those in between haven’t.

      This is where the growth comes from – the plant eats more, so it grows more. It also can access additional photons for a more efficient use of lighting.

      Depending on the strain and wholesale price, endomyx can deliver an return on investment (ROI) of at least 20:1, and in many cases much higher.

      (*Awards won include 1st place 2014 Karma Cup Sativa as the Green Canvas, and multiple Prairie Cup Awards in 2012, 2013 & 2014 as Helping Sask Grow.) 

The Science

endomyx is a breakthrough in plant management. Other products such as fertilizers and microbes focus on feeding the plant, not making the plant naturally stronger. Up to 70% of fertilizers either remain in the soil or are lost in drainage and are therefore unavailable to the plant. endomyx creates the conditions that make the plant become more capable of absorbing nutrients, as opposed to having nutrients forced upon it, most of which is washed away.

endomyx activates the plant’s own ability to protect itself from environmental abiotic and biotic threats through microorganisms that reside in the tissues of living plants (endophtyes). The symbiotic organisms allow the plant to absorb optimum amounts of nutrients from a wide variety of mediums plus increased photon energy from extra wavebands of light energy. The host plant in turn supplies the symbiotic endophytes essential nutrients they require. This strengthens the relationship between the host plant and friendly resident endophytes.

All environmental threats have a program in the plants genetic code. There is a tripartite method of plant host and resident organisms threat protection process. These tripartite agreements -between host plant, its specific resident fungi and bacteriums – creates a stable and healthy “home” for the agreeable organisms. This is starting to be revealed more and more in numerous research studies.


The Application

A series of 3-4 applications are all that’s required; at the beginning of the plant’s life after four sets of new leaves appear on the clone, a second application 25 days later, and subsequent applications every 25 days, depending on the length of the growth cycle. Unlike other fertilizers, preparation is simple, add the activator to the concentrate and add water. One litre of endomyx provides coverage for approximately 100 plants for the full growth cycle.

Applying endomyx is an easy process, but must be done with great care to ensure effectiveness. A simple two-step application is all that’s required, a combination of a substrate and foliar spray. No safety equipment is required when applying endomyx. If any solution comes in contact with the skin, rub it in; it’s good for you, too!

Application is best done with an electric sprayer for a consistent delivery. Test in advance for timing of the spray to achieve the desired amount applied.

How to apply 

How to apply pre-mixed sample kit

endomyx is Health Canada compliant (HC file #2018-6398). 

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